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This series of 8 videos on mechanics is a superbly entertaining overview of Newton's Laws of Motion. Each video is a full lesson, complete with a comprehensive, fun lecture as well as several easy hands-on activities you can do at home. Take a look at some of the previews to get a taste of how a lecture by Science Jim is different than any other lecture you've ever seen!

The videos are designed to go with the lessons in Science Jim's Bite-Size Physics: Mechanics book. With full text and instructions for the hands-on experiments, the book makes an excellent accompaniment to the video lecture series.


Gravity: Mechanics #1

This lesson may have its "ups and downs" but it's still a lot of fun! Gravity has been a topic that Gallileo, Newton, Einstein and many more have spent many hours of brain juice trying to unravel.. To this day, physicists all over the world are still working on solving gravity's mysteries. This video will give you the scoop on gravity and give you the foundation to understand one of science's greatest mysteries.

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Friction: Mechanics #2

I promise this lesson won't "rub you the wrong way". Unique hands-on experiments make this lecture on friction "smooth as silk".

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Newton's First Law: Mechanics #3

Newton's First Law of Motion basically states that what is moving, keeps moving and what's staying still, stays still. That may not sound like much at first but once you take a look at it you realize how important that is. Not only that but it also makes for some fantastic experiments and demonstrations!

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Acceleration: Mechanics #4

Zoom! Zip! Vrooom! Ahh the sounds of acceleration. Luckily this lecture is easy to keep up with as you race along on your quest to understanding mechanics.

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Newton's Second Law: Mechanics #5

Newton's Second Law of Motion is everywhere. It's in the swing of the bat, the kick of the ball, the ouch of the thumb hit by the hammer and more. Once you get the hang of this law, you'll see it everywhere!

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Newton's Third Law: Mechanics #6

This is the tug-of-war law and the arm wrestling law. It's the "every push has a push back and every pull has a pull back" law. Come find out why with this fun video chock full of great hands-on stuff to do at home.

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Momentum: Mechanics #7

If you've ever wondered which would hurt more, getting hit by a rhino moving at 1 mph or a mouse moving at 30mph, then this video is for you! Come and learn the answer to this question and many more with this fun video.

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Impulse: Mechanics #8

Impulse is a concept that is often skipped in many discussions about mechanics but it's one of the most fun concepts in the whole bunch! Impulse is the hit, the whack, the kick, the punch, the...well, you get the point. It's the push that gets everything going! Don't miss the fun demonstrations in this video!

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